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Another Sunday... [May. 15th, 2005|07:58 am]
[mood |sicksick]

Another Sunday. Wahoo... I feel like everything is just going by so fast, but the days arent too exciting anyway - i mean i really dont have that much of an objection to it, but it seems like weeks are flying by now. i am dreading the day that kiersten returns. i dont know what is going to happen - matt thinks she wont come around when we are there - hes like shell come down here some night when shes all fucked up and fuck casey, and he also thinks there is not a chance casey would turn it down. this makes me sad. i talked to casey about this and he swears he isnt going to touch kiersten ever again.....well we will see, but i dont think im going to hold my breath or anything. it just sucks thats all. he makes me frustrated a lot anyway.

i got to hang out with tiffany a couple times this week which was awesome - i just hope she had a good time too. she is also crazy. shes going to europe for 2 weeks then ny for the summer then boston again. :(

what am i going to do here all day long? i am so bored and i feel sick. great start to the week.