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Shit went down... [Jun. 29th, 2005|09:14 am]
[mood |Dead]
[music |106.7 WIZN]

**UPDATE** Casey and I are together!! (officially since Paige’s Solstice Party)

So last night was THE WORST night of the worst. Well that’s really not true because I might redo it again if I had the choice. Sure, I would. It is over now. Anyway, so Matt and I went up to Kiersten’s last night and there were a lot of drunken people there. Jason, Kyle, Tony, Casey, Jill, Megan, Rachel, Paige, Danielle, Dave, Cory, Becky, jess – anyway so I when I first got there kiersten was being quite rude to me she kept giving me these dirty look and shit, I was really nice to her anyway and then she decided to share her captain’s with me so I got drunk. I hadn’t drank in awhile and I decided to get trashed. I started talking to everyone, it was great I got to talk to people I haven’t seen around much, and I really talked to them. Then I was getting all pissed because Casey wasn’t talking to me much, and im always stupidly searching for him at parties, and he also wouldn’t touch me or do anything because kiersten was there. I went up the trail later on to pee and it was all loose dirt and I slid down the bank but I was wearing sandals and they were all filled with dirt and I lost one of them. Someone yelled to me and I thought it was Kyle – he came down and started helping me look for my sandal for a while and then I called him Kyle and it was actually Casey. He got all pissed and that just set me right off. I started crying and freaking out – I really don't know why but I couldn’t help it. Then Casey was hugging me and he’s like- Caitlin I love you a lot, I was ignoring you, blah blah…I’m like how come you wont tell kiersten we are together then?… Later matt came up and talked to me and we decided to stop looking for my sandal so we went up to the house and I was almost calmed down by now and everyone had passed out. I wanted to leave and go back to Casey’s so he went inside and matt and I waited outside on the bench – about 10 min later kiersten runs out of the house and let me tell you – I have never heard someone wail like this. Screaming. Crying. And it all echoed over the water at the reservoir. It made me start crying again. It is all my fault. I had been bugging Casey to tell her we were together – he should have before – but I guess she really really didn’t take it well. At least it is kind of over now . We got back to Casey’s and we had gone to bed it was like 430ish and we were talking and the phone rings. Kiersten. He wouldn’t talk to her he kept hanging up on her. She called again at 7 and she left like 4 msgs of her crying-just crying- on his phone. Jesus. They haven’t been a couple for almost a year and she fucked Lucas Shultz for god’s sake. I guess kiersten was like- oh I can see how it would be convient to fuck Caitlin because she is around all the time, and **a million bonus points to Casey** he is like no it isn’t like that, I care about her more than anyone. Wahoooooooooo :)

From: xxcaressmedown
2005-09-15 11:20 pm (UTC)
well damn. i feel for you because, thats hard times. =dramma. i hate dramma with a pation. that girl who ignored you seems like a bitch ne way.
haha you got her man!! next time just think fuck it.
your to nice to ppl who dont diserve it.
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