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Update of the week and weekend. [Apr. 28th, 2005|12:40 pm]
Wow, there are so many things happening lately and it seems like everything is kinda coming to an end now. Or so i hope. Im done with school, as of last night - although i didnt do too good this semester, probly the worst i have ever done in my life actually because i hate school. with a passion. im so glad im done.

i got a 1,005.14 check in the mail, which was 70% of what the quote was to fix my car and bumper from back in january when i got hit by this asshole. anyway, my bumper is glued now, and i am tinting my windows this week hopefully. casey and i are smoking our taillights too, and i need to get my rim unbent, and my new struts put in which im doing this weekend, and to get my car aligned (for free!). then i wonder how much money i will have left. nothign basically. i also have to figue out what else is wrong with my car, i think its the rotars and brake pads on the back, and my steering is really loose. AHHHHHH. i wish my car was perfect so i could make it even better. dammit.

so matt finally has a job. he has been working for a temp agency filling different positions for jobs for a couple weeks now. i think hes gunna stick with it for awhile. he hasnt been hanging out at caseys much and he went 4 days without smoking weed. tuesday night i was at caseys and matt wouldnt come over, and miranda was there cuz she always invites herself there, and i didnt wanna deal with her, and i have been telling casey he has to tell her we dont like her. we have nothing in common with her at all, and its weird when we hang out. so i decided to go meet matt, and he didnt even wanna smoke. he told me all this crazy stuff he has been reading. hes weird. then he came o ver last night and smoked with casey and i.

i am too much of a stoner. i am worthless and everyone knows im a blatent stoner. i used to get away with it and now i dont. this girl in my class said i always look blazed. hrm. i need to reconsider i think, maybe im gunna buy some fake legal weed, cuz that wont get me high, but i can smoke it and enjoy it. i think i like smoking more than the high itself. geez.

so we went to a party on saturday night with paige, it was at the red fox cuz some girl from pa's mom owns it and no one was there. there were all these 14 yr old grils, who were trashed and retarded. i have never hated girls so much. ditsy ones especially. then there were ppl like aaron keenan who i hadnt seen in forever and i guess he is marrying krystal. EWWWW. anyway, then there were these like 24 yr olds, and paige knew em all. danielle came with me and so did her friend jess and we spent most of the night drinking and smoking in one of the rooms. casey was crazy, running around everywhere, and then this kid fucking snapped at him, and was like dont touch me, i dont like to be touched, blah, blahc (casey didnt even touch him) and he pulled a switchblade on casey. fucking shit. we were trashed. the kid said he didnt like caseys coat and he took it off and dropped it and was like this was my dads wedding coat! (cus it was) and then he held up his hands in peace signs. what an idiot. paige came over and cleared it up, but get this casey wanted to stay after. i wanted to leave, so me danielle and jess drove to danielles, and casey and matt and jason and mike all drove there too and we toook some bong hits and went to bed. THAT WAS TOO MUCH CRAZINESS FOR ME.
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Slow down everybody, you're movin' too fast... [Apr. 24th, 2005|08:08 am]
ahhhh, there is so much i should and could be writing about. everything is insane. instead im going to just write about the most recent thing that caught me totally off guard - so last night im with matt and i come to work so i can get my check (so i could actually go get some shit from jason) and we had just smoked the last bowl i had in my car. i come in, and Kyle insists on finding my check for me, so he hands it to me, and says just a head's up, but you really smell like weed. kyle is my supervisor. i was fucking high as shit. im like
yeh, its saturday and i dont have anything to do. he's like you should watch out, you know you dont wanna get pulled over smelling like that. i didnt know what to say really. i mean we smoke at work so much. we go in the parking lot and come right back. we must always smell. all the time, and no one says a thing. its ridiculous. so then im just standing there being a retard and kyle's like dont worry about it, thats just why i wear cologne. haha. so he is chill. i figured he had to smoke. now the next step is to go blaze with him at work somenight. i love how everyone smokes. but wow, that definitely caught me off guard.
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this is funny cuz of my last post [Apr. 14th, 2005|10:34 pm]
so this guy called up, and at the end of me placing his order i processed it and asked if he wanted his order number. he;s like "oh, shit! i forgot, i have a different adress to ship it to" (which is no big deal, easy to change...)then he's like "youll have to excuse me, im having some vodkas, which im sure you dont do." and then apoligized a couple times too many. i think its funny, cuz i had several drinks before work today, and so yeh...
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2005|07:48 pm]
[mood |headache]

Well I am at work right now, and I am going crazy. I’m reading the book More, Now and Again by Elizabeth Wurtzel. I think she is a really great writer…..even though she was fucked up for like her entire life, she did make it thru Harvard and a lot of shit I never could’ve. Its just a strange book to read. I really liked Prozac Nation, which was by her as well – and HBO made a great movie based on that book with Christina Ricci. Wow, I am just blabbing.

Anyway, this book makes me feel a little cracked out- its about her ridalin addiction and she snorts like 30 pills a day. That’s fucked up. I do love the feeling you get when you crush up a little pill, organize it into a line and snuff it up my nose. Granted I don’t do this anymore, and I hardly ever did it before, but I guess I know im messed up. I hate work, it is so boring, the hardest part is just sitting through the time im supposed to work. I really wanted cigarettes this morning on the way to school, so I went and bought a pack. Now there are 11 left. I hadn’t smoked in awhile. Oh well, I smoke when I feel like it anyway, so its not a big deal. I had a couple deliciously spiked drinks today too, and of course the usual few bowls, so right about now id have to say that I’m feeling pretty damn good.

All that’s on my mind though is my stupid crush on my stupid supervisor named Kyle, who is way out of my league. He’s such a fucking tease/flirt though, he’s calling up my extension like every 15 minutes, or else he just pops up behind me sneakily. I didn’t think he was going to work today, but I heard someone say he is coming in at 10, so ill get to see him for an hour. I am so stupid. I know. Last night he was like hey –“stop checking out my brother, you are way too young.” Oh yeah, he has a girlfriend too, so I should just forget it. Maybe I could be involved in some sexy office scandal though, I guess I can only dream for now…..
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-E- [Apr. 11th, 2005|11:55 pm]
Im in class right now and all i can think about is how i wish i had e right now. i wanna do it with casey though, i think it would be one of the best trips eva, but i dont know if hell do it. last time he told me he wanted to, then he changed his mind at the last minute. i think i am going to call up kyle and see if he can get me some x or molly, or at least something a little bit interesting. i am bored as fuck, and sick of everything. all i wanna do is get chill with people!

"You just stood there, and I watched you swallow another one of them little x pills in front of me and tell me50 Cent was everything you wanna be"

"I'm having an E party for Easter please come..."
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Memories of Summer [Apr. 11th, 2005|11:53 pm]
Ah, Memories of a summer gone by.....

The War Zone In Casey's BasementCollapse )

Rachel's BirthdayCollapse )

We Were So Immature...But It Was Fuckin' Awesome!Collapse )

Me In My AudiCollapse )

The Time We All Had Harry HatsCollapse )

That Same NightCollapse )

I Had So Much Fun! I cant wait till this summer!!!!!

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Fuckin' Sweet Dude - [Apr. 10th, 2005|10:59 am]
"Recently, while musing about his retirement plans, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien said he might just kick back and smoke some pot. "I will have my money for my fine and a joint in the other hand," he said with a smile. The glibness of the remark made it nearly impossible to imagine an American president uttering it. But in a nation where the dominant west coast city, Vancouver, has come to be known as Vansterdam, few Canadians blinked."

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Random Stuff..... [Apr. 7th, 2005|07:31 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

First of all doesnt anyone else think it is weird how when you are getting high and for about 5-10 min after (when you dont quite realize how high you are yet) that everything seems so fucking perfect. like you arent thinking about anything and then you notice little things. everything seems really surreal and certain things that dont matter stand out and everytrhing else just blurrrrs and goes on by. i find myself errily(sp?) calm. some nights im sitting in my car in the parking lot, and you dont even remeber you are like alive until some tiny little noise sounds really loud. snap back to reality.....up there goes gravity.....

.i think i especially like it when it is raining. i feel like i am the only one who exists and im safely inside.

Second of all i think im weird. haha. i know i am. i spend a lot of time thinking about other people. people who arent even my friends. people who arent my coworkers, or anything. people who arent even in my life. there are a couple people who i have always wanted to be like in certain ways, and i have become a person whom i like most of the time, or at least i can deal with me and am used to me. oooops i blab. so the point is, im driving down the road thinking about some random girl from school. i talked to her once. why would i be thinking of her out of everyone i know? then there are people whom i know, but i dont hang out with (not necessarily cuz i dont want to, but i havent yet...) i think about them, and i talk about them too. i mean is it really normal to tell other people about others whom you barely know? i wonder if people talk about me, i dont think they do. but i dont know. or maybe if people from high school whom i havent seen since think of me, or contemplate calling me? usually people talk about their friends and think of their friends. i do this too, but i just dont know. tell me what the fuck is normal?
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Shit.... [Apr. 5th, 2005|09:19 pm]
Well, first of all, TUPAC IS STILL DEAD. (obviously). second, i am so busy. i dont think i have any time left for anything. every single day this week i am either doing a combo of work and school, or work, or school.....wahoo! at least ill finally have money though, and i totally need it cuz i just got new tires, and new struts which are about a total of 500 bucks, and i also paid 170 to get my rear wheel bearing fixed. I CANT WAIT TILL SCHOOL ENDS! I am going fucking crazy. All i want to do is relax and go swimming and get high. ahhhhh, summertime. there are so many good swimming spots to go to around here too, its like my favorite thing to do, and now that all the snow is gone all i can think of is summer.

i have to go buy a tape recorder. i ahve had so many good musings to write about, but i cant remember them. today in class my teacher was like on average people can hold 7 things in their short term memory. she comes over to me and startes listing numbers, wicked fast.....2676349474947260, then she is like list numbers that i mentioned (this is in front of my whole class...) and i couldnt think of a single one. not to make excuses but i kept repeatring them cuz i didnt know shed do so many then i just lost my thoughts. completly. oh well. a day in the life of caitlin. shitty as always.....

when i get a tape recorder ill post good posts. i promise. im loking on ebay right now for one actually. i promise.

ps. casey lost the top to my bathing suit and i am going to kill him. how could he lose it? i think someone stole it. miranda was gunna wear it one night and they couldnt find it anywhere, then last night i looked all over for it. only the bottom could be found. now i have to buy a new baithing suit, and i cant ever find any that fit. my ass is too small compared to my boobs. FUCK.
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Could It Be??? [Apr. 3rd, 2005|02:33 pm]
[music |D12 - Purple Pills (hehe)]

Wow, Emmerson and I were just talking about this.....

Could It Be True??!!Collapse )
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