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inside the mind of caitlin

22 August
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People call me Caitlin Conover. I spend my free time photographing anything that looks cool. I drive way too fast. I loooooove to eat ice cream sundays, but never anything with animals in it. Purples. Blues. Blacks. These are my favorite colors. When I cry my eyes turn green.

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11:11, 15 minutes, 4:20, 50 cent, 8 mile, 9/11, a child called it, a clockwork orange, alcohol, american beauty, ani difranco, animal rights, anti bush, art, atmosphere, audi, audi 90s, beautiful mind, beer, being lazy, being vegetarian, bell jar, ben harper, black, blackalicious, blackstar, blow, blue, bong hits, brother ali, buddism, captain morgan, cars, child called it, chillin with friends, coolpix, crying, d12, d70, dave matthews, daydreaming, digital photography, don miguel ruiz, donnie darko, dreams, drinking, driving, earings, eating, eminem, emotions, escapes, family guy, fast cars, ferinheight 9/11, fight club, fiona apple, fire, four agreements, free speech, fuck bush, fucking with your head, futurama, gang starr, getting high, girl interrupted, go ask alice, gregory douglass, hannibal, hemp, high, hip hop, html, hugging, incubus, jurassic 5, kerry, kisses, lack of motivation, lightning, live, love, mac, manifest nexto me, marijuana, massive attack, mastery of love, meditating, melissa etheridge, memento, memoirs of a geisha, morcheeba, mos def, naps, nikon, no doubt, office space, our lady peace, partying, peace, pentax, pharoahe monch, photography, photos, pink floyd, plugs, politics, portishead, pot, primus, purple, rage, rage against the machine, rain, rainy nights, rap, requiem for a dream, romeo, roots, ruiz, sealab, sex, simpsons, sleep, sleeping, smack, snowboarding, snuggling, stigmata, storms, streching, sunshine, sylvia plath, tears, the wall, thrift stores, thunder, vanilla sky, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vintage clothing, virgin suicides, vote, website, weed, white, wishing on a star, world peace, wu tang