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wow - its ben awhile - c c f o t o . n e t [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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wow - its ben awhile [Feb. 13th, 2007|03:55 pm]
[Current Location |CO BABY!]
[music |Intersteller Love Affair]

haha, i guess a year is quite awhile and a lot has certainly happened - but i should start recording this shit.

I live in Colorado. I live with Casey and Adam [who would have thought?] I dont snowboard quite enough, but if it ever snowed i would go more. i think i am on my 51st day of the season. we got tons and tons of snow in the beginning, but ever since the new year we havent gotten shit. VT is getting 24 inches tomorrow, and it is really about time for them since they havent had any really this year. I work at the Dam Brewery. Today I am waiting for this girl Kelsie to come by and give me a keg of raspberry porter. it is delicious. i hope jim filled it up for me today....im sick of waiting. casey and i also have a little gift from Ben [Adams Ben] that we are going to take tonight. None of our neighbors are that cool. These people Drew and Erin moved in from Indiana, and they are fun, but just not always the brightest people in the world. Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and Im hoping casey will get me flowers, but im sure he wont, which is OK...We are going out to dinner for sure though, once i get done with work and i am certainly looking foward to that. I think I sleep way too much since ive been out here, and i need to exercize more. i havent gained weight, but i just feel....FAT.....I could go swim at the rec center - but nah....i wanna drink some beer. ta ta for now.